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Jakob Chapman began writing on an airplane bound for Sweden. He enjoys reading and writing all genres. He is a published poet and enjoys writing a novel every November. He received his BA in English from Brigham Young University and his MH in Creative Writing from Tiffin University. He teaches writing courses at Olympic College.

November 2, 2020

In the absence of the gods, the world belongs to men. Melok, the Sifter of Souls, destroyed his own divine race and is bound in a prison of molten gold. Men must find a way to balance the magic left behind by the gods, the political vacuum, and their own god-given weaknesses. The kingdom of Almoriden stands ready to unite all men or fall trying.


April 07, 2021

Listen to my stories and interview on the fictional anthology podcast that is dedicated to creating the immersive worlds of Cosmic Horror and Space Horror short stories: Cryo Pod Tapes.  Episodes produced and by Ted Huggins and featuring his and other voice talents

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June 16, 2021

Born on the slopes of a silver mountain, the Kingdom of Silverpeak has a long history of magic, destruction, and renewal. This history tells the stories of the peoples who have lived and died in the shadow of the mountain. Written as an exercise in worldbuilding, this collection of History and short tales draws upon the elements of storytelling and random suggestion.

"I am fascinated, I suppose, by a flawed man with a streak of greatness."

-Roger Zelazny


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